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While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see. ~Dorothea Lange

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cold and happy

This was one of those super cold, November days where the wind was blowing and there was no sunshine.....
Can you even tell?
This is the awesome part of having your good friends ask you to take family photos.... you can talk them into anything!
This family and their sweet little boys I have known since they were newborns.
I just want to pinch their cheeks in all these pictures.
I love these photos!
Thank you guys for enduring such a frigid day and to the ever amazing "S" family for letting me crash your beautiful property!!
I am so grateful for all of you in my life.

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